We are always happy to enter reciprocal link exchange partnerships with gem and jewelry enterprises that share the AIGS philosophy.

If you would be interested in connecting with AIGS in this way, please send a short email to registrar@aigsthailand.com with a short description about the company or organization that you represent. Then, if AIGS decides that such a connection would be mutually beneficial, you will be requested to post the following description of AIGS on your website:

AIGS: Gemstone Testing Laboratory and Education Center

Located in the heart of Bangkok's gem and jewelry district, AIGS has been a world-renowned gemological education center and gemstone testing laboratory for almost forty years.

Once this has been uploaded onto your website, you should send AIGS a notification email which should include a link to the message. This email should also include a description of your enterprise in roughly the same format and length as the AIGS description shown above and this will be uploaded to the "Recommended Websites" section at the bottom of our homepage.